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we're hiring!

So you think you want to work at the farm? We're looking for upbeat, positive people 16 and up who can provide excellent customer service and don't mind working in the outdoors. These jobs are part time and temporary, as we're only open until Nov. 5. We need people flexible people who can work weekdays and weekends. We're holding open interviews Sunday Sept. 6 from 3-6. Please bring your resume or complete this application. Here's some of the positions we're hiring for:
Tractor drivers - drive hayride around farm.
Hayride attendants - make sure people exit and enter the hayride safely, abide by social distancing standards, and ride the hayride safely.
Attraction attendants - make sure people abide by social distancing standards and use the attractions safely.
Cashiers - sell tickets and run concession stand.
Sanitizer attendant - make sure all areas of the farm are routinely sanitized and cleaned.
Pumpkin Patch attendant - make sure people understand which pumpkins they're supposed to get with their tickets and keep the patch stocked. 
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