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On the farm this time of year we're looking through what we did last year and getting ready for what we're going to do next year. It's sort of a blank slate. We get to start over. It's great, because who doesn't love beginnings? And even though last year might not have had a happy ending you get to start a whole new story. Last year was a mixed bag for us. We had so much support in the community which we are seriously grateful for, but we also had so many setbacks because of things out of our control, namely, the weather. I talk about the weather A LOT because it is such a huge influence on our lives on the farm and we have absolutely NO control over it. None. I was on a panel at UMO last night and we were asked about Climate Change, and my answer was we're going to have to learn to work with it and one way we work with it is accepting mentally that things aren't going to go our way and learning to do how to mitigate the damage, and letting go of the daily worry and stress about things we can't control. In November when we're done for the year we get to let go of that daily worry and stress somewhat and review what happened so we can make a new strategy for next year. It's our blank slate. In the coming weeks we're going to be posting about our strategy for the new year and I'm starting today with our new blog and CSA store.

So, apparently when I moved my site from my old host to Wix a couple years ago, and I had to pay for a premium package to get the template I wanted, it included a store and a place to post my blog. And I've been paying for all this for a couple years now having no idea. That's what happens when a only slightly tech-savy person is in charge of IT. I might be late to the party but I'm here now. I've been blogging for years now, but as time went on and I had another small child to take care of at home I just didn't have time to sit down and write. I'm the type of writer who needs it to just flow out of me. I hate it when I read it back and it feels forced. So when my energy is gone for the day things just don't flow as easy. I also felt like having it separate from my other social media and web pages meant it wasn't getting read as often, which kinda feels like trying to speak to a group of 3 year olds, or really any group when a tractor goes by. You keep speaking, but they're paying you zero attention. So I kinda got tired of feeling like I was getting zero attention and let it go. However I love writing, even if I'm a little rambly, and I have found, especially over the past year, that I have really missed blogging regularly. Plus both of my kids are in school now, PTL, so I do have a little more time. So I'm going to start back because I like explaining the 'behind the scenes' of our world without writing a book on Facebook, and the wherefores and whys of the decisions we make. Since I don't want to lose what I wrote on the other blog I'm going to feature them once or twice a month as throwback posts.

The other "new" thing we're trying out is the CSA store. We have done sign ups so many ways. I feel like every year it's different, but I'm the type who likes to find the most efficient, least complicated way to do something and, well, sometimes that makes things even more complicated and less efficient. Still, we're going to give this one a try because you never know until you do. Instead of filling out a form, you'll just go purchase your share right from the site. I do have a form and I'll be glad to send it to any who want to go that route, I'm not sure I blame them, and just charge their card or invoice them with Square. If the site store doesn't work, I'll just take it down, but I'm hoping it does so we can start maybe selling shirts or tickets or honey right from the site. So go visit the store, see what you think, sign up for a share. ***They're on sale through February 10% off!*** Let me know what you think about it, shoot us a comment about the blog. The number one thing we want is to offer what you want, so tell us! We won't always be able to make it happen, but if we don't know we never will!

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