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Fall Birthdays on the Farm

Looking for a fun, stress-free birthday option?  Try a birthday on the farm this fall. These options are available Sept. 23 through Nov. 5. 

Option 1 - River Trail Package 

This package is for older kids who want to explore the farm!  You can walk down the river trail, fish in the river or just enjoy the scenery with friends, go through all the mazes, take a wagon ride, choose a small pumpkin to take home, play on the playground, visit and feed the Pasture Gang, and everyone's favorite, dueling punkin' chunkin'.  Cost is $11 per wristband. 

Option 2 - Maze Fun Package

This package is for kids who might not be interested in doing the river trail.  You can walk through the mazes, take a wagon ride, choose a small pumpkin to take home, feed the Pasture Gang, try your hand at dueling punkin' chunkin' and play on the playground.  Cost is $9 per wristband.

Option 3 - Pumpkin Patch Package

This package is for kids aren't up to a corn maze or punkin' chunkin' yet!  You will walk through the sunflower maze, take a wagon ride, choose a small pumpkin to take home, feed the Pasture Gang, and play on the playground.  Cost is $7 per wristband.

So, how does this all work? Here's a breakdown:

1- You decide a couple of date/time options for your party and which package you want. We charge for all children 3 and up, they will need a wristband. Additional guests are free (grandparents etc. who will not be doing activities). The children get 1 adult each to do activities with for free. Other parents may pay for additional wristbands for siblings or themselves at the party price. 


2 - You also decide which party area you'd like. We have 2 options. Under the shelter, or around the bonfire pit (you do not have to have a bonfire to set up here). Each party area is $50 for two hours. You may stay longer if you desire, but your area must be cleaned and ready for the next event at the end of two hours.  If you decide you'd like a bonfire they're $25 for two hours, sticks for roasting included. We have blankets and pillows to spread out around the fire pit also, and they're available for a $25 cleaning fee.

2- Contact us to book either by message, email, text, or call. We do require a $50 deposit at this time to officially be put on the calendar. This will count towards your party total. In the event of inclement weather we will reschedule your event or refund your deposit. No-shows will not be refunded.

3- You plan your party and invite your folks.

4- Party day you come to the farm and go to the ticket booth. Tell the attendant your last name, which package you decided on, and how many wristbands you think you'll need. Every child 2 and up will need a wristband. We'll write down how many you take. If you need more you can always come back for more. 

5- We will help you unload, please DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR ONTO THE FARM YARD without asking.

6- You have your party! Staff will be around to help if needed. 

7- At the end of the party you come back to the ticket booth to settle up. Bring any wristbands not used, otherwise you'll be charged for all the ones you took. We'll add up your total including party area rental, subtract your deposit, and the difference will be what you owe that day.


  • You're welcome to bring whatever decorations and food you like, but we ask that you not nail or screw them to any wooden surfaces. We have a staple gun that works fine for that purpose.

  • DJ's and bounce houses are not allowed during the strawberry, summer sunflower, and Fall Fun on the Farm seasons.

  • Please do not drive on the farm yard without permission. We have lots of kids running around and it's a safety hazard.

  • Guests not participating in activities are allowed, but only those with wristbands or the adult accompanying a child with one will be allowed in the maze, river trail, on the hayride or in the pumpkin patch.

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