Summer Sunflower Fields

The fields are closed for Summer Sunflowers until July 2021. 

We are currently closed for the season. We will ahve more flowers this fall, and Summer Sunflowers will be open again summer 2021.


Admission: $5/person, kids 2 and under free.  Includes walking through the fields, visiting the animals, playing on the playground, and picking 3 stems.

Sunflowers are $1/stem

Photographer fees $30/day, can be scheduled any time (please check out the photography page).*

Hours: We'll be open 6-9 every day but Monday, HOWEVER PLEASE monitor our social media pages for weather updates or changes to hours.

Friendly pets on leashes are allowed.


We will be open for a couple of weeks while the flowers are blooming.  Please check our Facebook or Twitter page (click here for link) for the most current field reports or closures due to weather conditions.  

*We define a photographer as a person exchanging goods, services, or money to take pictures of another person.  Photographers and clients do not have to pay admission, but the $30 fee MUST be paid.  If any flowers are picked they must be paid for.  We also ask that if any props are used they be picked up.