Summer Sunflower Fields

The fields are CLOSED for the 2021 Summer Sunflower Season. We will have more flowers coming fall 2021, and then again summer 2022.



Admission: $5/person, kids 2 and under free.  Includes walking through the fields, visiting the animals, and playing on the playground.

Sunflowers are $1/stem

Photographer fees $30/day, can be scheduled any time (please check out the photography page).*

Hours: Hours will vary by week, but our plan is to be open consistently from 6-9 pm every day but Monday. Watch our social media pages for the latest updates.

Friendly pets on leashes are allowed.

*We define a photographer as a person exchanging goods, services, or money to take pictures of another person.  Photographers and clients do not have to pay admission, but the $30 fee MUST be paid.  If any flowers are picked they must be paid for.  We also ask that if any props are used they be picked up.